Research Participation Requirements

  • The Psychology Department regards your exposure to psychological research as an educational experience. This is comparable to a laboratory section of introductory courses in other sciences, and it serves to acquaint students with a broad cross-section of contemporary psychological research.
  • The participation of students is appreciated and essential to the research of the Psychology Department. Students' research contributions become a lasting part of the body of scientific psychological knowledge.
  • The number of research hours you must complete depends on the course and semester you are enrolled. You will receive one half-credit (0.5) for every 30 minutes of study participation.
  • You may enroll for a maximum of 3 (three) hours of credit for online-only studies. The prescreen survey on SONA counts as .5 credits toward this 3-credit maximum. 
  • Failure to fulfill the necessary hours of credit will result in a drop of one letter grade for the course with the requirement. 
  • Students and researchers should download the current RP Guidelines by clicking the link below. This file contains all of the necessary instructions for signing up for experiments and completing the Research Participation Requirement.
  • Psychology students can click here for the Spring 2020 Participant Guidelines
  • Sociology students can click here for their version of the Participant Guidelines
  • Researchers can click here for the Spring 2020 Researcher Guidelines
  • Researchers can click here to learn how to use the Psychology Department’s Sona Systems Website
    • Please feel free to reach out the RP Pool Coordinator with questions, especially when setting up your first study.

Since Fall 2010, the Psychology Department Research Pool has been using the Sona Systems portal to manage experiment participation. Go to the Sona website for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Research Participant Pool Coordinator.

RP Pool Coordinator
Michael Snell
Office 404, Psychology Building
Office Hours: By Appointment

Faculty Contact
W. Keith Campbell, PhD